Urban Revivo Revamped Store: A Paradise for Fashion Enthusiasts

Urban Revivo Store

If you love fashion and are always looking for something new, we have some good news for you. The well-known clothing brand Urban Revivo, which is known for making stylish and well-designed clothes, has just reopened its store at Raffles City. With an emphasis on “play fashion” design, this store opened in 2006 and is your one-stop shop for both experimental and everyday wear.

Urban Revivo: Enter a carefully chosen shopping experience

You’ll know this newly remodelled space is more than just a store as soon as you walk in. It’s a carefully chosen shopping experience. The simple decor, which includes powdered grey floors and slate white walls with black panels, lets the goods stand out.

Fitting rooms that are plenty of space make trying on clothes a pleasant experience. But what really makes this place stand out is how it caters to different taste in style by dividing its collections into different patterns and styles. This place really does have something for everyone.

Urban Revivo has what you need whether you’re a fashionista who likes to try new things or someone who works in an office. You can now use self-checkout stations, which makes shopping even easier.

Explore a Range of Collections

The Glamour Series makes it easy to look chic

The Glamour series is one of the store’s best-known collections. It put together with Raffles City customers in mind. This collection has clean lines and small details that focus on proportions, giving it an air of easy chic. It’s perfect for people who like simple elegance.

With a colour scheme of camel whites, rose and peach tones, and other neutral colours, these pieces are very versatile—they go from day to night without a hitch.

Feel Free to Be Different Edit Series

Another great thing they have the Midnight Siren collection, which inspired by John William Waterhouse’s picture “A Mermaid.” This edgier collection has worn-in clothes with oceanic themes. It like ruching that looks like seaweed and fishtail skirts made from treated denim. This is bold fashion at its best!

Reverie by Caroline Hu: Urban Revivo part of a collaborative collection

In honour of their reopening, Urban Revivo presents “Urban Wandering,” a collection made in collaboration with Caroline Hu’s designer label Reverie. Hu nominated for an LVMH Fashion Award in 2019.

This 15-piece capsule has Hu’s signature ethereal romanticism through floral patterns and heavy use of tulle fabric. The combination of these elements creates a playful yet sophisticated vibe across a range of items. And then, it from dressy gowns to simple cardigans—a must-have for any fashion lover’s closet!

You won’t disappointed if you go to Urban Revivo at Raffles City, whether you want to update your outfit or just add some unique pieces to your collection.